Headshots start at $69 per person at the large group rate.

Image Marketing Package:

An hour of shooting time with backdrop and clothing changes. 4 fully retouched images included. For when it really, really matters.

$499 per person.


5-15 minutes of shooting, typically 20-30 proofs per person

Standard retouching included. You'll look great.

People per session:
Rate per person:
1 person
2 people
3 people
4 people
5 people
6 or more
$79 person plus $150 travel and setup fee.
20 or more
Call for details.


Additional retouching can be applied to images to adjust problem areas, reduce chin and neck sizes, even skin tones across the whole face or really work on wild stray hair. I will recommend additional retouching time when I see something that can be improved. This is high end, commercial level retouching where it looks like nothing was done but there are dramatic changes. I keep people looking like themselves (unless you want to look way younger or lose 20 pounds, then I can make that happen.)

$50 per image.

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