The Process:

Once we talk about what you do and what's important to your clients we'll go over the details (backgrounds, clothing, feeling) and technical requirements if you have them (like resolution and aspect ratio if we need to match existing website pictures).

On the day of the shoot I will arrive, setup my lights and equipment and then get right into shooting. We'll take a bunch of pictures depending on what I see or want to change, but you can expect 10 or 15 minutes typically, up to 30 minutes if I see more options and you have time. I'll show you some in camera so you can get a feeling for what we're doing, but ultimately I'll put them online so you can go through them on the website, select favorites, filter through them and ultimately come up with a short list for retouching. If you want my input I am happy to share my favorites, but I also recommend showing friends and colleagues so that you can have multiple opinions on how you look best. It's hard to choose alone.

After retouching, I will send back a link to a zip file which contains 12 files, high and low res, square, 8 x 10 crop, black and white and color and a specific linkedin version. If you have any specific requirements for files, I'll include them as well.

Group Shots:

Ask about our flexible group shots when we talk. Imagine a group shot where we can add or delete people after the fact. More info coming soon.

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