Preparation for your Headshot:

First, getting a decent amount of sleep helps a lot. It's not that I can't retouch under the eyes, it's more about feeling awake and confident that makes pictures better.

As far as clothing goes, a lot depends on your industry and your clients, so make sure that wear clothes that represent the way you want people to see you. From there, choose colors that play well with the background we have decided on. Dark goes with dark really well, and light goes with light. This helps create a overall picture that draws attention to your face instead of the clothes.

I generally prefer a shirt that isn't white under a dark suit for the same reason, it tends to draw the eye towards the lightest part of the picture, which isn't your face in that instance. Simple patterns, or no patterns, work best too. A big, bold print will distract, no matter how pretty it is. Stick to solids and tight patterns, if any. Simpler is almost always better.

For women, longer sleeves help too. Usually the front shoulder is closest to the camera and when it's bare it tends to stand out a lot and draw the eye away from the face.

If you have any questions about clothes, definitely shoot me an email or give me a call, but also feel free to bring extra clothing to the shoot. I like having a little variety to choose from if you're not sure, and extra options always help.

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