What makes A Better Headshot better?

Nothing else matters more. A photograph with a disingenuous expression will create a lack of trust, turn off potential customers and hurt your business.

The hardest part of what I do is to get people to relax, feel comfortable, to give me the expression that they really want. That's what separates me from other photographers.

I've studied expression and I have developed a skill in getting genuine reactions and the expressions from the people that I photograph. During a session I will make people really smile, think about what makes them individually great and inspire confidence. The end result are pictures that will reflect authenticity and confidence to your clients, instead of a fake smile or forced expression that does exactly the opposite.

Everyone can use a little retouching. It helps you look your best. But it should also look like it never happened. Poorly photoshopped pictures can look plastic and odd.

I have been using photoshop for over a decade and I have learned how to retouch in a way that looks natural, even when I have done some pretty unnatural things in the process! The skill in technique and also seeing the problems is not developed quickly. New photographers can't do it simply because of the lack of experience. It takes a ton of time to develop high end, commercial level skill in this area. Trusting someone who doesn't work with headshots all of the time is another recipe for looking inauthentic.

One of the secrets of great photography is to take a ton of pictures. Do you look better smiling or more serious? Are you better off with your face straight to the camera or slightly angled? Chin up or chin down? Head tilted left or right? I'll take a wide variety of pictures with different expressions and different postures, based on what I think works best for you. The little nuances make a big difference, and in the end will give you the best photograph.

Once we've selected an image to retouch I will give you even more options; 8x10 or square crop, tight or loose, black and white or color. I typically deliver 12 different versions of a retouched image, including all of the variations I mentioned. This ensures that you will have a linkedin version, a web version, an 8x10 print version, razor sharp black and whites, all crafted by a photographer, not the IT department or the web guy. If you need pictures to exact specifications I can do that too, it's easy for me to add it to the workflow and include that with the finished files.

I've been doing corporate headshots for more than ten years and I have learned so much in that time. Nothing can replace the education earned by doing something over and over again; that experience separates me from other photographers who haven't done this as much as myself.

I've been called in for round three of corporate headshots, after the 'in-house photography experiment' and an 'inexperienced pro' failed. If your image matters to you, be sure to hire a photographer who has a long history of delivering extremely high quality photography to businesses. Nothing will make you realize that more than paying for bad results and having to reshoot. No business has time to waste so make sure you get it right the first time. The time saved alone will be worth the investment.

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